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Tyco Haze

Tyco Haze will wallop your senses with a spicy, berry nose and palate tinged with earthy undertones. The taste builds on the fragrance as it creates a strong and varying flavour profile once lit. Grinding these resinous buds will leave your sticky-icky fingers with the power to pick up rolling papers in a single bound.

Animal Mints

The scent of cookie dough breaks through this flower, and to confuse you just a little more, there’s also a hint of diesel and pine. With a flavour profile matching the nose, prepare to be hit with fresh mintiness offset by the sweetness of cookie dough, and a touch of diesel on the exhale.

Vanilla Funk Fuel / Vanilla Ice

If you like diesel and sweet, then this aroma drenched strain is right up your alley. These dense, bright green buds are a forest of frosty trichomes, exhibiting a funk that is upfront, but melds into creamy citrus balanced out with lingering petrol.

Orange Tingz

These dense buds will leave your fingers sticky-icky and if you like citrus, then you’ve found a place to call home. The creamsicle, orange citrus nose this strain exhibits will leave you thinking it’s orchard picked.

Lilac Diesel

This frosty, full throttle diesel strain is packed with 4.6-5% terps, and will leave you thinking you’re in a bakery inside a flower shop inside a gas station. Smoking it coats your mouth with floral, fresh flavours and a pleasantly confusing aftertaste.

HSC + Norblack Norwhite

Both High Street and NorBlack NorWhite revere the importance of visibility of independent artists and creators of colour in mainstream communities. This collaboration catalyzes open and thoughtful discourse about the need for more diversity in both the cannabis and fashion communities.

Explore the collection through these images that were shot in New Delhi using all local photographers, stylists and models.